Bankside Bikeshed Competition – London

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The purpose of this project is to realize a structure to repair and guard parked bicycles. both in outdoor and indoor environments. The smoothen curves. that remind a wingman on the run. characterize the design and introduce the function. The device proposed is versatile. safe. easy to transport and to install. The limited overall dimensions and the irregular profile of the cover. ensure a minimum visual impact for the environment. hiding only the view of the bicycle. The concept of this device is to allow to drop and to retrieve the bicycle by sliding the entire structure. inclusive of the cover. from the close to the open position. This configuration grants the advantages of a structure with conventional roofing. but with much more limited dimensions and structural matters. In fact. with a conventional shelter the whole structure has to allow human access into it. to drop and to take the bicycle; the proposed solution instead. does not require the rider to entry. since it is the bicycle only. to be displaced. This device represents an extremely flexible and economical solution. since it can be placed both in outdoor and indoor environments. such as parking lots or pavilions. In the latter case. the device can be installed without the cover. limiting even more the costs. nonetheless maintaining the characteristics of safety and ease of use. The aspect and the functionality of the device are mainly defined by a sequence of curve and straight sections of a single pipe. without discontinuities. The pipe develops from an origin and ends to an opposite side in the space. Through this continuous development in the space. the frame can grant all the necessary functions: stability of the structure. coverage and the safety of the bicycle. In particular. the horizontal segment of the pipe. near to the pavement. is a telescopic guide. This section. further than to ensure the stability of the frame. it also enables the extraction and the displacement of the cart. following the correct trajectory. The middle section of the guide is featured with a full stroke device and it has a square cross section. in order to avoid any risk of turn over of the structure. Both drop and retrieval of the bicycle are possible through the extraction and following re-displacement of the cart in the closing position. In order to enhance the safety level of the device. it is possible to lock the extraction of the cart. limiting any bad action from ill-disposed.

Concorso di idee per la realizzazione di un riparo per biciclette
Committente: The Architecture Foundation – Ente Banditore
London – 2011
Photo / Renderings Andrea Bella © Tutti i Diritti Riservati
Collaboratori: Arch. Giuseppina Letizia