Pushkinsky Cinema Moscow – Dupont International Competition

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The world of cinema inspired us an idea of neatness. made of smooth lines and bright colours. In our imagination the elegance runs the catwalk through the folds of dresses and the spirals of a ruff. Having this in mind we studied graceful contours to wind around the rigid and irregular profile of the historic and unmistakable Pushkinsky Cinema of Moscow. We figured to maintain unaltered and absolutely recognizable. the shape of the external shell. both for the facade and for the lateral walls. We focused our attention on the most external walls. with the aim to build. or rather to dress. the original structure with a smooth and elegant play of curves as if it wore a silky and sinuous night dress. The distinctive frontal and lateral profile are still characterizing the building. whereas the original framework of vertical and horizontal features leave place for the new proposal. A sequence of radial faces is set on two different centres: one on the right side and one on the left side. These elements flow with irregular rhythm and variable profile. spooling the primitive core with lights and shadows. without continuity. The overall effect fulfils to merge the underside porch with the upper level of the building. The light and vibrant volumes created by the sequence of faces converge to the main facade with a dash towards the main square. creating the new lateral design of the honour stair. To realize the coating of the original building. the main material used is the Dupont Corian EC . while crystal sheets are used for the main facade and for the radial faces with straight and curve shape. respectively. Every crystal face is supported by a stainless steel frame and coated with modelled Dupont Corian EC elements.

Changing the face – Pushkinsky Cinema
DuPont – Concorso Internazionale
Committente: DuPont
Moscow – 2011
Photo / Renderings Andrea Bella © Tutti i Diritti Riservati
Collaboratori: Arch. Giuseppina Letizia